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What We Do

We use analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect discrepancies in the odds/lines of large book-keepers. Our analytics team consistently identifies opportunities for marginal profits, which are then relayed to our paid members daily. Our algorithms incorporate a plethora of statistical variables that give our members the upper hand. We have an extensive track record of successfully predicting sports outcomes, resulting in our loyal members profiting IMMENSELY long term. We crunch the numbers so that you can sit back, relax, and watch your cash flow incrementally expand, while enjoying the sports you love!


"Out of the numerous handicappers I've used in the past, NoBrainerWagers has the cheapest prices and the best results." 


-Jeremy Rosenthal Baltimore, MD

"Tried out every other sports consultant service in the game with subpar results until I became a NoBrainerWager member. I can't see myself ever using another service."

-Larry Coyle Raleigh, NC

"I paid off the majority of my student loans with the help of NoBrainerWagers.

-Braxton Marshal Park City, UT"

"I was skeptical at first, but after the results of my first week membership I decided to become a year long member."


-Jonny Consor Miami, FL

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