How accurate is your model?

Our cumulative average over the past ten years is 63.7%. Our model excels particularly in MLB, NFL, and NCAAB. We have consistently yielded our annual members returns  greater than 750% for the past ten years. 

How do I get into contact with you guys?

There are three ways to contact us: 

1. Send us a direct message on Instagram @nobrainerwagers


2. Send us an email at


3. Click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of our website and send us a message.

When and how are the picks delivered?

The picks are sent out every day 4-5 hours before the start of the first game. Once we receive payment confirmation, we will contact you to determine whether you prefer to have the picks sent directly to your Instagram or to your email.

How many picks will I receive daily?

All members will receive anywhere from 3-8 picks per day depending on where we see the most value. The number of picks sent out per day depends on the confidence interval yielded in each game by our machine learning algorithm.

How many units do you wager on your picks?

The number of units wagered per pick is dependent upon our algorithms confidence level on each selection. Generally our picks range from (0.5u-5u). We define a unit as 3% of your total betting bankroll, and as a rule of thumb we typically do not wager more than 40% of your bankroll on any given day.